Education and Inspiration to support Mental, Physical, & Emotional Vitality

Our Cambridge Group Wellbeing Expert, Meg Sharp, MSc, and her team will educate and guide your teams in the areas of: fitness and mental health, exercise adherence, sleep hygiene, and goal setting. She will bring leading edge presentations directly to your office through a 50 minute webinar or in person seminar that includes Q&A.

We recently welcomed Meg Sharp to our first in-person Townhall meeting after 2.5 years.

“We recently welcomed Meg Sharp to our first in-person Townhall meeting after 2.5 years. Her presentation, Thriving in Your Workplace, was enthusiastically received and included an excellent balance of the benefits of returning to a shared workspace and acknowledging some of the challenges. What particularly resonated with our staff were the practical suggestions on how to introduce new healthy habits. “

Rozanne ReszelPresident & CEO, Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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Woman meditating in a forest

The BEST Reason to Exercise: Your Mental Health (part 1)

Because you need Reasons not Rules! Let's review the most current and compelling ways that exercise supports immediate and long-term improvements in your mental wellbeing.

While a complete understanding of optimal brain function remains elusive, there are some powerful things we DO know: One of the most significant being that movement, exercise, and physical activity all have a powerfully positive impact on the human brain in terms of mood, cognitive function, and total brain vitality.

The first part of this dynamic talk reviews some of the most recent findings on the neurobiology of mood and cognitive disorders along with the specific mechanisms by which movement and exercise exert their powerful influence.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Man standing at the top of a forest hill

The BEST WAYS to Exercise for Your Mental Health (part 2)

Wouldn't you love to know HOW to exercise so that you are mentally and physically thriving?!!

It's one thing to know how and why exercise has such a powerful impact on the brain - and quite another to know what to do with  that knowledge! This inspirational and practical talk explores all the different types of exercise and activity that positively influence the brain. We get into the details of how YOU can easily incorporate awesome workouts and movement that leave your brain feeling less anxious, better focused, uplifted, more fulfilled, and vital.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Women meeting in the office

Thriving in Your Workplace

Head back to the office armed for a successful, stimulating, fulfilling day and life!

Heading back to the office feeling a little (a lot?) uncertain? Anxious about how you are going to navigate all the challenges and changes?

Let's talk about some of the powerful and simple strategies you can put into place right away to manage those concerns and set yourself up for success. The truth is, being back in the office can offer so many incredible benefits. And no - we're not talking about benefits for your employer! We mean great benefits for you and those you love. Get ready to walk through your office door and thrive!

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Couple sleeping

Sleep: Your Superpower

Strategies for better, more restorative sleep: Starting tonight!

Many of us know we need more sleep. But that knowledge in and of itself isn't necessarily helpful. In fact, it can be anxiety provoking which doesn't help at all!

Gaining a better understanding of how and why sleep is so powerful, can help you determine and act upon the strategies that work for you. From temperature, to alcohol, to getting out of bed at 2am (?) ... we'll cover both the science and practical aspects of some well known and some - well - unconventional strategies. You're sure to find one or two gems to tuck under your pillow...

Presenter: Meg Sharp

2023 goals

2023 and On. Let's Thrive.

Everyone seems happy to put 2022 behind them. And while 2023 is certainly offering its own challenges, we want you to be able to take each one in stride.

Join Meg Sharp, Exercise Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, to explore healthy, powerful, and practical goals, steps, and strategies you can put into place right away to make sure you thrive.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Woman relaxing with eyes shut and headphones on

Crushing Stress

Stress is a powerful, human response that has ensured our survival for generations. And even though this response is innate, we can develop a keen ability to improve and control it. This thought provoking session helps you better understand the nature of stress response as the first step towards mastering how to make it work for you.

We will review many of the most powerful and often simple things you can do to better manage stress so your body, mind, and spirit become calmer and more resilient.

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Wine glasses high in the air, raised for a cheers

Navigating Alcohol - Read the Fine Print

Canada's new alcohol guidelines advise consuming no more than 2 drinks per week.

While incredibly well grounded and informed, if a recommendation feels unreasonable it can be overwhelming and difficult to knwo where to begin. At worst, it can foster a why bother mentality.

The reality is, alcohol is complicated. Changing consumption patterns may require layering in strategies and motivations unique to YOU. Alcohol impacts your sleep, your relationships, your diet, your workouts...and so much more. There are lots of great reasons to reduce your intake even a little. What will your motivation be?

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Group meeting at the office

Work Environment Revitalization: (for the Senior Decision Makers!)

Making your workplace irresistible: Understanding and implementing strategies to optimize connectivity, productivity, and better mental health and physical health for your teams. Be the leader who makes a positive difference.

"Motivation is overvalued. Environment often matters more." - James Clear

Imagine a workplace that staff loved coming to? Imagine your teams thriving - physically, mentally, and professionally - because YOU have created a healthy, stimulating work environment that supports connectivity, engagement, creative thinking, sense of purpose, and productivity?!

Not only is this scenario a win for everyone - we know it can be done. And we can help you do. We even do all the heavy lifting! All you need is an open mind, some courage, and a willingness to invest in your people and long-term payoffs!

Presenter: Meg Sharp

Half drawing of the brain, with healthy

Brain Food: Optimal Nutrition for Better Brain Power

Yes, as the saying goes... "you are what you eat." But, what exactly is "brain food"?

The foods in your daily diet play a vital role in your brain health. Fats, carbs, and proteins are all important for your brain to stay healthy and strong, improving memory and alertness, and reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

In this important discussion, we will learn more about the connection between our gut and brain and the top three supplements and snacks that boost your brain power!

Presenter: Dr. Demetre Katrivanos

Woman stressed out on the couch with her children running in the kitchen behind her

Women's Health: The Connection Between Stress and Your Hormones

While we all experience stress at some point in our lives, health experts agree that chronic stress can negatively affect our bodies in a variety of ways. In women, this often manifests itself through hormonal imbalances.

Unexplained weight gain even though you eat well; migraines, headaches, trouble sleeping, bad bouts of PMS... does any of this sound familiar? You might have been told that there is an imbalance of your estrogen.

Dr. Demetre will explain more about cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) and the important role of estrogen. We'll learn about how these hormones are produced and act as messengers that help control and coordinate how your body works and responds to your environment. What happens when they are out of lance? How can we test to see if one has an imbalance in estrogen and/or cortisol? And, what strategies and treatments are available to ensure we are maintaining our optimal health and feeling good? Join us for this informative discussion.

Presenter: Dr. Demetre Katrivanos

Healthy bowl with greens, avocado, carrots, and grains

Healthy Eating on a Budget

When it comes to taking care of your health and wellness, making a conscious decision to eat healthier is the first step. Once you make that change in mindset, the next challenge is to remodel your grocery cart without breaking the bank. We tend to think that eating healthy is an expensive venture but it doesn't have to be. There are many ways you can save money and still eat whole foods. There are ways of making choices that work within our resources. The key is having a strategy.

In this webinar, we will be dispelling the 3 "healthy eating on a budget" myths and we will be discussing ideas based on how to incorporate simple but effective strategies for eating good-quality healthy food that's prepared with little money and time. This way, we can save money and create better health for ourselves!

Presenter: Dr. Demetre Katrivanos

Yogurt & granola bowl with fruit

Master Your Morning - Nutrition to Start & Optimize Your Day

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Should you be fasting to start your day? It's difficult to make sense of all the (mis)information online. In this talk, Dr. Marc Bubbs will share the latest research on how breakfast impacts your health, energy levels, and waistline as well as the common pitfalls to avoid. You'll learn simple, actionable nutrition strategies you can implement the next day to look, feel, and perform better at work and home.

Guest Presenter: Dr. Marc Bubbs

Woman eating pizza late at night

Own Your Night - The Pitfalls of Late-Eating on Health & Recovery

Did you know that over 40% of all calories we consume today come after 6:00pm? Unfortunately, this has significant negative consequences for your sleep, recovery, and overall health. In this talk, Dr. Marc Bubbs will share new science on late-eating, how it impacts sleep, recovery, and your risk of chronic health conditions. Dr. Bubbs will provide you with simple solutions for the end of your day because proper recovery from long, stressful days is fundamental to your health and performance.

Guest Presenter: Dr. Marc Bubbs

Woman eating a nutritious snack while working out

Nutrition for Better Mental Health & Energy

Today, across the general population rates of anxiety and low mood are on the rise. Why is this? In this talk, Dr. Marc Bubbs will review the latest research on anxiety, depression, and burnout and share insights on some of the key factors adversely impacting your mental energy and health. Dr. Bubbs will highlight key ways you can upgrade your diet, exercise, and lifestyle to support better mental health. By making small changes, and performing them consistently, you can ramp up your mood and mental focus.

Guest Presenter: Dr. Marc Bubbs

Our Spring 2023 Line-Up

Meet our Wellbeing Experts

Meg and her family

Meg Sharp

Lead Presenter
Bachelor of Education, Kinesiology
Masters of Science, Exercise Psychology

Meg’s graduate work and her 30+ years working in the health and fitness field, have given her amazing insights into the art and science of exercise. Her particular passion is the powerful way physical activity impacts the brain. Meg’s experiences and ongoing studies enable her to share great research with practical applications to help people make substantive changes for the better. Through dynamic, informative seminars and coaching, she has built her career helping people figure out realistic, positive ways to incorporate movement into their lives so they can ultimately live those lives to the fullest.

Dr. Demetre and his family on vacation

Dr. Demetre Katrivanos

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Katrivanos is a licensed naturopathic doctor with expertise in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Because he takes a patient-centred approach, his focus lies beyond the symptoms, and involves understanding and addressing the origins, prevention, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. Dr. Katrivanos supports the unique expression of health and vitality in his patients and empowers them to transform their health and wellbeing. In his spare time, he’s also a boys soccer and basketball coach.

Marc Bubbs

Dr. Marc Bubbs

Guest Presenter
Performance Nutrition Lead

Dr. Marc Bubbs is the Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball and Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) and works with busy professionals and executives managing the busyness of midlife. Marc is the author of the #1 best-selling performance book PEAK: The new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports and PEAK40: The New Science of Midlife Health for a Leaner, Stronger Body & Sharper Mind, laying out the blueprint for how small changes can make a BIG impact in how you look, feel, and perform at work, home, and in the gym.

Meg is absolutely brilliant

"Meg is absolutely brilliant at connecting with people and meeting them where they are at. She presented a lot of great information in a way that resonated with my team and was most impactful. Everyone who attended the sessions with Meg walked away with some easy habits they can take to improve their overall wellbeing and a knowledge of why they should. A great success!"

Mary AnneDirector, Business Development at a global law firm

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