Workplace Wellness

Wellness in the workplace is an essential concern of every successful business. So we’ve developed Cambridge@Work, a comprehensive and holistic program that can be tailored to fit the needs of your employees. With Cambridge@Work, our health and fitness experts bring the most up-to-date techniques and science-based approaches right to your office. We work with your HR department to integrate our programs seamlessly into your corporate environment, making them a breeze to manage. Most importantly, our personal trainers have the experience and expertise to motivate and support your employees at every stage along their path to personal growth and wellness. 

Our services include the following (and much more!):

Education: Health fairs, learn@lunch seminars, nutrition days, weight-loss strategies, ergonomics and more.
Exercise and body: Onsite yoga, stretch breaks, massage therapy, martial arts and self-defence, and more.
Team building: Introduction to squash and boxing, sporting and gaming tournaments, group classes, mobile spa treatments, team health challenges, casino nights and more.
Personal consultation: One-on-one sessions with a naturopathic doctor, family physician, dietician, physiotherapist, sports medicine physician, pre- and post-natal specialist and more.

Cambridge@Work Wellness Calendars
Our innovative Wellness Calendar is customized to your company and fully managed by Cambridge@Work. This powerful 12-month schedule is a turnkey solution to promoting a culture of employee health at your company. Sample calendars are available and ready to go. 


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